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Your Data Your AI

Bast’s data pipeline and APIs bring your data to life.

 Our Platform is an Artificial Intelligence Engine with a data pipeline and pre-built Application Processing Interfaces (APIs). Our Data Pipeline creates a system of record and our APIs empower businesses to create accurate, transparent, and explainable AI.

The Bast AI Engine provides everything our clients need to create their own Explainable AI (xAI).
AI Engine
ai Infrastructure

Foundational AI Infrastructure

Bast has engineered an environmentally responsible solution inspired by nature. It combines Bast's deep engineering expertise with microservices on Kubernetes, optimizing compute and cost. We have created the path to achieving your business ROI: getting your models into a cost-effective, stable system and adopted by your users.

Data Management and Pipeline

Our data pipeline sets the standard for accurate understanding through superior contextual awareness for a better end-user experience. Using OCR (optical character recognition) technology, we take a picture of every source, then index and tag for full reference of every data source.

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Bast Pre-Built Application Interfaces
Our APIs operate through a chat interface or behind the scenes to power any digital outcome and interaction.
Analysis (2)


Complex analysis, assessments and workflow

method (4)


Ontology-driven execution and contextually-aware processes

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Smart semantic search with OCR-enhanced retrieval

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Secure personalized companion for engaging interactions

End User Application Hooks

Join us in shattering the black box of AI

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