AI together.

What would it feel like if you could
augment people with trusted AI?


Provide better solutions to complex problems by using trusted information customized to your specific scenario.


Rest assured that the information our AI provides is fully auditable – you have access to the data source and prediction method used for each output.


Elevate your efficiency in finding solutions to every scenario by having the latest trusted information at your fingertips.


Be confident in your contribution to the protection of our planet by using AI that accounts for its energy consumption and impact on the environment.

Bast is pioneering the future of conversational AI technology (CATs).

We enable organizations to create personalized, reliable, and trusted digital interactions that require precision and auditability.

What makes Bast special?

Relevance & Accuracy

Your personalized CAT can better understand the context and meaning of your data – generating answers far superior to any existing market solution.

Ethical & Trustworthy

Bast curates and explains your data sources and displays evidence for every output – offering full explainability and transparency.


Bast takes custom to a whole new level. Using your data creates a tailored experience, as well as, the ability to customize the tone, wit, and personality of your CAT.

“Where there is no transparency, there is extraordinary risk”

 Mark Cuban